Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Cream
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Available in: 125ml
  • Made with Tamanu Oil
  • Clinically Proven
  • Dermatologist Approved
When you think about how quickly your skin expands during pregnancy, it’s not surprising that 9 out of 10 of us get stretch marks. Thankfully, our clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream contains Lupin Seed extract known to help boost skin elasticity and the moisturising complex of Tamanu and Almond oils that hydrate and help keep skin soft and supple. This rich, soothing cream is the perfect way to help boost your skin’s elasticity, helping to keep stretch marks at bay.
  1. Know your stretch mark stuff
  2. Clinically proven by us
  3. What real mums say
  4. Myth busters
  1. Know your stretch mark stuff



Up to 90% of pregnant women are likely to get stretch marks, the other lucky 10% will never get them and they can thank their Mum’s genes for that.

But why do we get them? When the skin stretches on the outside the inside layers stretch too, causing the lower layers of your skin fibres to tear. This creates tissue damage, the red angry stripes of inflammation you sometimes see on your skin.

This ladies, is known as a stretch mark.



Eat HealthilyEat healthy food with fruits, vegetables, milk and fish.
Drink waterEnough water keeps skin and connective tissues elastic and smooth (2-3 litres/day).
Watch your weightWatch your weight increase (not more than 3 stone).
MassageMassage the skin of your belly and breast, buttocks and thighs during a shower, in circle movements. It is increasing your microcirculation.
Apply after showerOur clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream is best to be applied
right after a shower when the dried skin is slightly humid.
Contrast showerRegularly take a contrast shower, with warm and cold water, to enhance your micro circulation.
CardioCardiovascular exercise is important for good skin as it gets oxygen rich blood pumping through the body (and it will get you back in shape after baby).
Stretchmark Cream
  1. Clinically proven by us



Stretchmark Cream T-Shirt testOur clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream is super special. Not just because it helps to prevent stretch marks, but also because of its lovely non-greasy formulation. That means that unlike oil based formulations, it’s absorbed in to your skin and it won’t mark or stain your clothes. Take the ‘T-shirt Test’ to see for yourself.
Photographs show appearance after application of 5ml of Cussons Mum & Me clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream versus 5ml of a skin treatment oil.


Our Stretch Mark Cream works and it has been shown in clinical trials* to help improve the elasticity of your skin and help improve moisturisation. This graph shows how our cream helps improve the elasticity of your skin when used twice daily over 12 weeks.

* 28 women using Cussons Mum & Me Bump Stretch Mark Cream twice daily over 12 weeks. Elasticity was measured by Ballistometer. Moisturisation was measured by Corneometer.
  1. What real mums say


Real Mums


Our clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream boosts your skin’s elasticity, and helps to keep stretch marks at bay. But don’t take our word for it! We asked 4 real mums to try our cream and tell us what they thought.

Ruth Real Mum


There’s so much advice out there for new mums, some times it’s just nice to hear what works for other mums. Here Ruth recommends doing what comes naturally, and using our clinically proven Stretch Mark Cream. She reckons they both do the trick.



"I used this product after my cousins girlfriend told me how amazing it was. She had received a sample of it in her Bounty pack so the first thing I opened when I received my Bounty pack was the bump cream, i loved the smell & texture so went & stocked up! I love to slather it on so have probably used a tub a month (I used it before I had a prominent bump), i love it & have recommended it to my pregnant friends. Im currently 38 weeks & so far not a stretch mark in sight! Thank you!"

"Received a sample of Bump Cream in a Bounty Bag - loved the smell and the fact it absorbed really well. I am 25 weeks pregnant and purchased Bump Cream weeks ago. It's amazing! Stops the itching and my skin is so soft. No stretch marks yet!!"


  1. Myth busters


Some of the most common Stretch Mark Myths busted.


Only women get stretch marks

Nope. You’ll be glad to know that men can also get stretch marks. Hurrah! Obviously men don’t get them through pregnancy but rapid weight gain (especially in body builders) and loss causes the skin to stretch and can leave a stretch mark whether you’re male or female.

Stretch marks only appear on your belly

Tummies are the most common place for them to appear, but they can also appear anywhere the skin expands - thighs, breasts, bums and upper arms.

Only plastic surgery can treat stretch marks

Not true. There's no need to take such drastic action. Taking care of your skin during pregnancy with a good diet, regular moisturising and using using our clinically proven New Mum Stretch Mark Fader can help reduce their appearance.

Celebrity mums don’t get stretch marks.

Er... yes they do. 90% of us do. Stretch marks are no respecters of fame or money. Unlike us real mums, celeb mums get their photos airbrushed.

Customer Reviews

    • 22/05/2013
    • Lovely!
    • Using this on my during my 2nd pregnancy, I didnt get any stretch marks 1st time round. I got this on special offer and I was really pleased with it! It smells so so lovely and leaves my skin feeling soft without being greasy. No marks as of yet, 28 weeks pregnant.
    • 29/04/2013
    • Stretch mark cream
    • I use your bump Stretch Mark Cream every night-now 30 weeks pregnant and so far not a single stretchmark. Love this cream!!
    • 23/04/2013
    • The best!
    • It’s good – the best one I’ve tried!
    • 13/04/2013
    • Stretch mark cream
    • Have used cream for 38 weeks now. Wonderful scent. Rubs in easily without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Can dress quickly after application without it making marks on your clothes. No stretch marks yet!
    • 13/03/2013
    • Love it
    • I am not a fan of the oils on the market so I decided to try this cream out and loved it. Smells so so nice and spreads easy on bump. Super soft too!
    • 06/03/2013
    • Love the smell
    • I have used during my pregnancy your bump stretch mark cream, I am 37 weeks pregnant, I have no single stretch mark, delighted with product, blends well on skin.
    • 29/01/2013
    • Amazing!
    • Received a sample of Bump Cream in a Bounty Bag - loved the smell and the fact it absorbed really well. I am 25 weeks pregnant and purchased Bump Cream weeks ago. It's amazing! Stops the itching and my skin is so soft. No stretch marks yet!!
    • 16/12/2012
    • Stretch mark cream
    • I am 22 weeks pregnant. I have recently started to use the cream. I really like it because it smells nice, soaks into your skin really fast and makes my skin feel really smooth. Fingers crossed it will help my skin to recover.
    • 12/12/2012
    • Great product
    • This product is wonderful, it has made my skin very soft and has relieved my itching stretching skin.

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Aqua, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Parfum, Panthenol, Sodium Gluconate, Isopropyl Myristate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lupinus Albus (Lupin) Seed Extract.