Dealing with dry skin and eczema

We understand how hard it can be to your little ones suffering from itchy skin, and of course, it’s natural you’ll worry about it. Who wouldn’t? None of us want to see our child uncomfortable or distressed.

Mild eczema and dry skin is really common in babies and children though. In fact, one in three babies experience some skin sensitivity within the first three years of age. What this means is that it’s highly likely you’ll know another mum going through exactly the same things as you are.

Here, our Real Mum Panel share their experiences and offer some handy hints and tips.

“Luckily, James only suffered dry skin when he was first born and during those weeks we just bathed him in warm water. Now he’s ten weeks, we add a small amount of Cussons Mum & Me Baby Emollient Bath Wash and he sleeps so well after his bath.”

“M has sensitive skin, especially if she’s teething. The neonatal nurses suggested using olive oil, which worked for a while, but I found baby oil was better and emollients helped give extra moisture.”

“All my daughters suffered from sensitive skin that led to very sore eczema patches when I used baby bath products. At first I only used hot water in Frankie’s bath, but I tried Cussons Mum & Me Baby Emollient Bath Wash and her skin didn’t react at all. My advice would be to let skin dry completely after a bath and then use a thin layer of unscented moisturiser if needed. I also use non-biological washing liquid, as it’s much gentler than powder, which tends to sit in the fibres of the clothing”.

“It worries me, as I had eczema as a child and suffered quite badly with it. The backs of my knees would itch terribly and would bleed as I scratched them so much – it’s a pain I never want my son to deal with. I have always used warm water with some Cussons Mum & Me Baby Emollient Bath Wash; a little goes a long way so you really don’t need very much.”
Emma S

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