Frequently Asked Questions


Have they been tested on animals?
We don’t test on animals or commission any third party to do so on our behalf. We’re always anxious to avoid unnecessary animal suffering so we support research into alternative testing methods.

Does it contain parabens?
Nothing in the Mum & Me range contains parabens

Can I use the new mum products on my child?
The New Mum range is designed for adults.

Are these safe during pregnancy?
Definitely, they’re designed for you to enjoy while you’re pregnant.

Can I use baby products on older children?
Certainly, older kids will love them too.

Can I use the baby range on premature baby?
It’s probably best to seek advice from your health professional as each baby is different.

What is the age suitability for each product?
Bump and New Mum products are suitable for adults only. Our baby range can be used on children or adults of any age.

Do our products contain animal ingredients?
No, our glycerine is vegetable based.

Are they suitable for Vegans?
The beeswax in the Baby Sleep Tight Balm is made by, you guessed it, bees so may not be suitable for some vegans.

Is the range hypoallergenic?
Everything in the baby range is hypoallergenic.


Can I use Stretch Mark Cream all the way through pregnancy?
Yes, you can, and it works well afterwards too.

Can I use sleep mist in my baby's room?
Best not to. Mum & Me Sleep Mist is for adults. Try our Baby sleep balm instead, it has the same fragrance.

Does the sleep mist stain material or is it corrosive?
It’s not corrosive, but it’s not designed to be sprayed directly onto bedding or polished surfaces. Just spray into the air.


How long can I use the New Mum Hold the Volume for?
As long as required.

Can I use the Hand Gel on my baby?
Sorry, it’s not suitable for use on babies.

What's the 0.1% of bugs the Hand Gel doesn't kill?
It has been thoroughly tested but because of the way the test is conducted we can't guarantee it kills them all. It isn’t a specific bug.

Calm & Soothe Arnica Bath Soak says to seek advice from my health practitioner, who is that?
Usually your Midwife, health visitor, Doctor or pharmacist. They’ll all offer good, sound advice.

Can I use the Calm & Soothe Arnica Bath Soak after a C Section?
We recommend that you consult your health practitioner. They’re the people listed above!

How soon can I use the Calm & Soothe Arnica Bath Soak after my baby?
We recommend that you consult your health practitioner. They’re the people listed above.

Can I use the Arnica product when I'm pregnant?
Certainly, it is safe for use in pregnancy.

How does Stretch Mark Fader work?
Mum & Me Stretch Mark Fader is clinically proven to help to fade unwanted Stretch Marks and reduce redness in about 4 weeks.
This is the sciencey bit.
The unique triple moisturising serum contains lupin seed extract, pomegranate and tamanu oils. The tamanu tree is native to South East Asia and tamanu oil has been used for many years by as a traditional remedy to help heal scars. The oil is cold pressed from ripe tamanu fruit and is also known to help hydrate skin, improve skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity
Our innovative roller applicator helps you to massage the intensive serum into your skin, exactly where you need it.
Clinical Testing
We have carried out an independent clinical study to investigate the effect of the product. Results show significant improvement in the appearance of stretch arks over the test period and support the claims:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Helps combat redness and reduce the appearance of stretch marks in 4 weeks
  • Dermatology Consultant assessed and graded the stretch marks pre and post-treatment using a Visual Assessment Scale (VAS).
  • Average VAS scale change in size and colour were significantly increased over weeks 4 & 8 indicating that the stretch marks appeared smaller and lighter.
  • Average VAS scale change in Overall Appearance was significantly increased over weeks 4 & 8 indicating that the appearance of the Stretch Mark was significantly improved.
  • Colour differences were measured by means of high-resolution image analysis. This was used to analyse colour.
  • Measurements showed that the redness of the stretch marks had been significantly reduced over the test period.
  • Both expert subjective assessment and objective measurement indicated a significant improvement in stretch mark visibility after using the test product.

What’s the difference between Stretch March Cream and Stretch Mark Fader?
Good question! Stretch March Cream helps boost the elasticity in the skin and keeps it supple, helping to prevent stretch marks.
Stretch Mark Fader is designed to help improve the appearance of stretch marks after they are formed.

Can I use Stretch Mark Fader on breasts while I'm breastfeeding?
No, it’s best to wait till you have finished breastfeeding.


How do I massage a baby?
Speak to your health visitor about local massage classes in your area. They are a great way to meet other new mums.

Should I wash it off after?
No, the benefits are best if you leave it to gently soak in.

How do I use the Sleep Tight Balm?
Massage onto baby’s pulse points.

Where are the pulse points?
On the wrists and the side of the neck underneath your babies jaw. If you need assistance speak to a health care professional.

How much do I use the Sleep Tight Balm?
About a fingertip’s worth.

Can adults use the Ultra Mild Shampoo?
Of course, all the baby products can be used on adults.

Can I use the emollients if I have eczema?
Emollients are not a treatment for eczema but are designed to be suitable for sensitive skin. Try a small patch before you use all over.

Can I use both bath and cream emollients products together?
Yes, they work really well together.