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The Ultimate Guide to Helping to Reduce Stretch Marks.

Stretch marks. The body bugbear of women everywhere. But what are they and how do they form? Stretch marks happen when your skin is stretched significantly over a short period of time. When your skin stretches on the outside, the inside layers stretch too, causing the lower layers of your skin fibres to tear. This creates tissue damage, the red angry stripes of inflammation you sometimes see on your skin. This often happens if you have had a baby. But don’t worry – you’re not alone. In fact, around 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks.

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Top Stretch Mark Questions, Answered.

Having a baby comes with a million changes to your life and body, some of which you can prepare yourself for more than others. Stretch marks are one of these changes that might just take you by surprise. Some women find that stretch marks can leave a lasting effect on their skin and may affect how they feel about their bodies after having a baby.

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Stretch Marks

5 Tips to Help Prevent Stretch Marks If you’ve got a baby on the way, you’ll no doubt be experiencing lots of changes to your body – some of which you may be happier with than others. When you think about how much your skin expands during pregnancy, it’s not surprising that 9 out of 10 of us get stretch marks.

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Dealing with dry skin and eczema

We understand how hard it can be to your little ones suffering from itchy skin, and of course, it’s natural you’ll worry about it. Who wouldn’t? None of us want to see our child uncomfortable or distressed. Mild eczema and dry skin is really common in babies and children though. In fact, one in three babies experience some skin sensitivity within the first three years of age. What this means is that it’s highly likely you’ll know another mum going through exactly the same things as you are.

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Mum and Me Research Fellowship Recruitment

Where would mums be without their midwives? We know that becoming a mum isn’t easy and that the support of midwives can make all the difference for mums starting on the journey from bump, to new mum to baby. That’s why Cussons Mum & Me has teamed up with the Royal College of Midwives and Wellbeing of Women (a charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK) to provide financial support of £60,000 to enable a midwife to undertake a PhD.

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Real Mums Tell it Like it is

There are some things in life that only other parents really understand – and those handy cheats that make family life just that bit easier are definitely one of those things. Radio 1 Mum of three and Sara Cox certainly agrees. Sara told us that she’s made ‘Sweetcorn on Toast Night’ an institution in her household – when she really just can’t be bothered to cook! We decided to talk to mums on Facebook and Twitter about their ‘Real Mum Confessions’. You joined us in your hundreds to tell us about a slice of your family life for the chance to win a spa day.

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Real Mums Panel

The laughs. The cries. The scary times. The laugh-out-loud-it’s-so-funny moments. Sometimes only other mums really get those ups and downs of motherhood. That’s why we’ve been talking to eight lovely mums from across the UK who will make up our Real Mum Panel. Eight mums with real views and real experiences. Our products were born out of talking to 1,200 mums and we wanted to make sure the conversation continues

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Real Tips From Real Mums

1. Nappy changing doesn’t have to be tricky. Have everything you need like wipes or cotton wool/ water/ nappies, nappy bags and a new vest (just in case) next to you on the bed or the changing mat. Then you’re ready whatever happens.

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A WOW moment for Cussons Mum & Me

We are proud to announce our new Research Fellowship where we will be providing sponsorship to support a midwife through a PhD. We are working in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives and Wellbeing of Women (a charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK), to provide financial support of £60,000 to enable a midwife to undertake a PhD, with recruitment starting this month.

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Cussons Mum & Me officially Lovedbyparents

The Lovedbyparents Awards are a seal of approval from the toughest critics, the real parents out there, and we want to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted. Over a three month period each product entered into the awards is tested by their judging panel, using criteria put together by a selection of parents. It means that when you spot the Lovedbyparents logo on products, you know they’re mum and dad approved.

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Our TV advert

Since Cussons Mum & Me started hitting shelves in June 2012, we’ve been so excited to show your our new TV advert. Well, the good news is it’s finally ready, and is on TV screens now! Have you seen it yet? The advert follows the journey of a woman from the moment she finds out she’s pregnant, right through to her baby’s first steps. It demonstrates how Cussons Mum & Me is there for mums to be and new mums for every ‘ooh’, ‘ahh’ and ‘eek!’ moment from bump to baby. The advert was filmed over two days in various locations, including a labour ward, by the director, Pete Riski, who has previously created adverts for McDonalds, Renault and McCains. A total of 10 babies helped film the 30 scenes which make up the ad to help recreate those magical moments that mums experience, and to help make sure it reflected the real life insights of mums, even the voice over artist was six months pregnant!

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