Top Stretch Mark Questions, Answered

Having a baby comes with a million changes to your life and body, some of which you can prepare yourself for more than others.

Stretch marks are one of these changes that might just take you by surprise. Some women find that stretch marks can leave a lasting effect on their skin and may affect how they feel about their bodies after having a baby.

However you feel about stretch marks, understanding a little more about how and why they form, may help you feel a little more prepared for the changes that pregnancy will bring. 

Here are the top questions we get asked about stretch marks and the answers from Cussons Mum & Me’s experts.


How do I know if I will get stretch marks? 

Unfortunately it’s not really possible to predict as it’s down to your genetics. Up to 90% of pregnant women are likely to get those pesky stretch mark lines. The rest will never get them and they can thank their mum’s genes for that.

For those of us who will get them during pregnancy, the stomach is the most common place for them to appear, but they can also crop up anywhere the skin expands from thighs and breasts to bums and upper arms.

Sometimes it can feel like it’s only you, but stretch marks are no respecters of fame or money. Even celebrity mums can get stretch marks but they can just get their photos airbrushed!

 Why do stretch marks form when you’re pregnant?

When you’re having a baby and your skin stretches on the outside the inside layers stretch too, causing the lower layers of your skin fibres to tear. This creates tissue damage, which shows as the red angry stripes of inflammation you sometimes see on your skin.

Pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks, but it’s certainly not the only one. Stretch marks form when the body expands more quickly that the skin, so that can happen to anyone – man or woman – through weight or muscle gain.


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I’ve already got stretch marks. How do I get rid of them?

There’s no need to take drastic actions like plastic surgery as there’s lots of other things that you can do. Taking care of your skin during pregnancy with a good diet and regular moisturising may also help prevent them.

Why not try a dermatologist approved product, such as the Cussons Mum & Me New Mum Stretch Mark Fader.



Its clinically proven formula with Lupin Seed Extract, Pomegranate and Tamanu Oils will help reduce redness/improve the appearance of stretch marks in four weeks.  

The non-greasy formulation rapidly absorbs and the rollerball applicator helps you to massage the intensive serum into your skin – a real time saver for a busy new mum.

In fact, 81% of mums who tried it agreed it improved the appearance of their stretch marks in just four weeks. You can find it online and in baby aisle at chemists and supermarkets. 


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