Cussons Mum & Me – watch out for us on TV!

Since Cussons Mum & Me started hitting shelves in June, we’ve been so excited to show your our new TV advert. Well, the good news is it’s finally ready, and is on TV screens now! Have you seen it yet?

The advert follows the journey of a woman from the moment she finds out she’s pregnant, right through to her baby’s first steps. It demonstrates how Cussons Mum & Me is there for mums to be and new mums for every ‘ooh’, ‘ahh’ and ‘eek!’ moment from bump to baby.

The advert was filmed over two days in various locations, including a labour ward, by the director, Pete Riski, who has previously created adverts for McDonalds, Renault and McCains. A total of 10 babies helped film the 30 scenes which make up the ad to help recreate those magical moments that mums experience, and to help make sure it reflected the real life insights of mums, even the voice over artist was six months pregnant!

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