Introducing the Real Mum Panel

The laughs. The cries. The scary times. The laugh-out-loud-it’s-so-funny moments.

Sometimes only other mums really get those ups and downs of motherhood.

That’s why we’ve been talking to eight lovely mums from across the UK who will make up our Real Mum Panel. Eight mums with real views and real experiences.

Our products were born out of talking to 1,200 mums and we wanted to make sure the conversation continues

Our Real Mum Panel will share their thoughts with you on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog as they experience wonderful challenges that come with being a mum. We’d love you to share your stories along the way too.


Thank you to everyone who applied to be a part of the Panel. Now, drum roll please! Let’s meet our Real Mums


Lindsay is 33, a part time accounts manager and mother of three girls, aged nine, four and seven months.

“I am excited to share my journey with other mums and dads and hope they may find some of my diaries useful! My funniest moment of being pregnant would be my little girl pressing her ear to my belly button to hear the ‘baby in the disco’ as every time I felt lots of kicks I would joke and say she must have been having a party in my tummy.” 



Sarah is 34 and on maternity leave having given birth to her first child in September.

“I want to be able to share my experiences of pregnancy and being a first time mummy with others, especially as those books certainly hide a lot of additional extras about pregnancy from you!” 



Emma K is 33 and is a mobile beauty therapist. She has a son aged three years old, and a little girl who is just 13 weeks.

“During my pregnancies I went overdue with both and people said: ‘Haven’t you had the baby yet?’ To which I’d reply ‘Oh yes, I had the baby a while ago. This is a bowling ball that I have shoved up my top!’ There’s nothing more annoying than going overdue than people saying things like that!”



Louise is 34 and is a housewife with a brood of four children between five month and eight years.

“For me pregnancy felt like hard work! Nothing was quite as I’d expected it to be. That image of a woman looking radiant or blooming in adverts couldn’t have been further from the truth. But I loved the feeling of baby moving and that I could demand chocolate and blame it on ‘cravings’!”



Emily is 26 with 17 month old twin girls. She’s a customer support officer.

“I do miss being pregnant. There is nothing more magical than carrying baby and my favourite thing was the extra confidence it gave me. I was ecstatic to be part of the Cussons Mum & Me Panel.”



Nicola is 25 is a paediatric nurse who is expecting her first baby.

“So pregnancy for me has not been what I expected and I’m more than happy to pass on the reality to those people haven’t experienced it yet. All that being said every day is filled with a little magic. Every now and then my belly ripples in a way I never knew it could and I let out a giggle knowing that’s my baby in there.”



Emma S is 30 and a Senior HR officer. She’s a new mum, with one child who is five months old.

“I like to think I’m a mum who keeps it real and isn’t afraid to share both the good times and the bad. If all else fails, have a good cry and cup of tea!”



Ruth is 29 and currently on maternity leave from her job in Marketing. She’s a new mum to a baby girl born in May.

“I was surprised at how 'normal' I actually felt for the majority of my pregnancy and how little my body changed...with the exception of my growing tummy. I always imagined I would get bad morning sickness, really weird cravings and ridiculous mood swings but I didn't get any. Although my other half might dispute the mood swings!”

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