Real Mums Tell it Like it is

There are some things in life that only other parents really understand – and those handy cheats that make family life just that bit easier are definitely one of those things.

Radio 1 Mum of three and Sara Cox certainly agrees. Sara told us that she’s made ‘Sweetcorn on Toast Night’ an institution in her household – when she really just can’t be bothered to cook!

We decided to talk to mums on Facebook and Twitter about their ‘Real Mum Confessions’. You joined us in your hundreds to tell us about a slice of your family life for the chance to win a spa day.


Here are just a few of the weird, wonderful and downright hilarious little cheats mums confessed to us. Sshhh – don’t tell anyone!

“My confession: I tell my 3 year old boy certain sweets and chocs are spicy when I want them all for myself! :) x”
Lilinha Espindula@LilinhaAngel

“I change the bedroom clock by an hr and say no1 downstairs b4 8am on a weekend! Ooops!”
Claire ‏@baybdoll8701

“I give my daughter a bowl of sweets she is only allowed to eat with chopsticks - gives me a bit of me time”
Kit & Boo ‏@KitandBoo

“Telling my kids we are having a "Fun Pyjama day" to avoid getting dressed and leaving the house!! X”
Katie Barber ‏@Kitkatkatie81

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