Real Tips From Real Mums

1. Nappy changing doesn’t have to be tricky. Have everything you need like wipes or cotton wool/ water/ nappies, nappy bags and a new vest (just in case) next to you on the bed or the changing mat. Then you’re ready whatever happens.

2. Hospital delivery rooms are surprisingly hot places. Take a cooling spray with you in your hospital bag, a hair bobble to keep your hair off your face or even take your own electric fan. If you forget, just get Dad to fan you with a gossip mag.

3. Birth plans are always a guide. Don’t worry if labour doesn’t go to plan. Ask your midwife plenty of questions and try to go with the flow a bit. All that matters is that you have a healthy happy baby.

4. New mums, if someone offers to do some housework for you, ACCEPT. If someone offers to make you dinner, ACCEPT. If someone will watch baby for a couple of hours while you nap or take a bath or just have some me time, ACCEPT.

5. Don’t spend a fortune on expensive baby outfits when they are tiny. They grow so much faster than you realise.

6. Babygrows without feet last longer.

7. The sleepless nights don’t last forever, even if it feels like it right now.

8. Everyone will give you advice. Listen, smile, nod. Then listen to your instincts. You are Mum and you know your baby best.

9. Babies don’t need a bath / hair wash every day. Every other day with a good ‘top and tail’ on non-bath days should be fine.

10. Try to limit the number of visitors you have when you get home. It’s tiring having a new baby and trying to entertain endless visitors is hard.